We are continuously working on improvements and we bring more of new features all the time. At the same time, we respond to your requests for enhancements to the system and incorporate your ideas as well.

Information about changes and new features

done 2016/09/10

surveys for mobile app - create surveys for your event participants

done 2016/08/16

lectures and poster rating for mobile app

done 2016/07/21

new functions for mobile app - abstracts to all lectures and posters

done 2016/06/28

first version of Android mobile app is finished

done 2016/04/05

administration adjustments for easier and more user-friendly content management

done 2016/03/22

program changes - similar as news - editing program changes and other important changes (reflected in the mobile app)

done 2016/03/11

mobile application for iOS is finished - more information here

done 2016/03/03

photo gallery - the possibility to upload photos and images; Upload of one photo or multiple files in a ZIP archive

done 2016/02/22

event partners - new category for adding event partners and their sorting into categories according to their importance

done 2016/02/15

maps - the possibility of creating a map with highlighting points of interest using the GPS coordinates, all places can be categorized

done 2016/02/08

important documents - the ability to add any number of documents related to your actions and their description

important links - the ability to add any number of web links related to your actions and their description

done 2016/02/01

news and updates - the ability to add the date, title of the news, text content and determine the order of records

the possibility of delegating the administration of your event to other registered users

done 2016/01/25

you can assign an icon from the icon list to all the items in the menu

new feature of generating DTP content - processing program for DTP software (Indesign, QuarkXPress)

done 2016/01/18

links to any social network that is related to your event

event color scheme extensions and enhancements of the background photos