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Selected frequently asked questions. If you can not find here what you are interested in, please contact us via email or see the disussion forum here.

Selected frequently asked questions

help_outline Can I really edit website content, even though I have no programming skills?

Of course, the greatest advantage of is creating web content directly from documents created in Word, Excel (the entire main program), you can upload a PDF eventually.

help_outline I would like to use your mobile application, what do I need to do? And what will be the price?

It doesn't matter, if you've already purchased a package or not, you just need to contact us via email and we will contact you as soon as possible. Price is individual, starting at 1400 EUR for both platforms (Android, iOs).

help_outline What if I need to change the content of one of the items in the menu?

You can simply edit the original document (if it is not available, you can download it back) and then upload it back into the system. Nothing else is needed.

help_outline Do I pay anything for added categories or modifications in the website?

There are no additional fees for website administration, all data are updated by you. If you've not utilized all categories provided in the package, you also do not pay anything. If you need more categories, you can purchase additional ones.

help_outline What if I find out that I've purchased not enough categories or hosting time?

You can purchase additional categories and months for hosting In "My Account" settings.

help_outline What to do when two people are needed for event admnistration?

Click on „Invite Administrator“ button in „My Account“ settings for specific event, then you can fill in e-mail adress of the other administrator. The second user must be registered to as well.

help_outline What shall I do if I want only an event program and not a website?

Follow the same steps as for order of new website, choose "STANDARD" or "PREMIUM" package, set your event program and you will find the code for embedding the program into your own website in "Event settings" section.

help_outline Website is not displayed correctly.

Please, upgrade your internet browser.

help_outline I've uploaded a Word document, but the webpage is not displayed correctly.

Use one of our templates or save your document as a PDF, then upload the PDF file, the problems should not persist.