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What is

New and modern assistant for creating web pages and mobile app for any events. Are you organizing a congress, conference, workshop, symposium? is here for you.
If you want a modern mobile application for Android and iOS, works as administration interface for preparation of mobile application.
Create a web presentation of your event in a few minutes. Everything in modern design, easy to manage content without any knowledge of programming. adapts to tablets and mobile phones.

Main benefits of

done Content Management

Manage the entire content without the knowledge of programming languages. All site's content is managed only via DOCx documents (MS Word), XLSx (MS Excel) and PDF.

No longer waiting for administrator support for content changes, simply modify your document in Word / Excel and upload it again. If you need an advice, please see "templates" site or visit "FAQ" site or Discussion Forum. Or you can contact us here.

done Preparation of data for mobile application (Android / iOS)

All uploaded data are used for preparation of your mobile app for both major platforms (Android, iOS). All information about mobile app are here. If you are interested in modern and fast mobile app, please contact us here.

done Interactive Programme

Interactive programme in one EXCEL file, where you manage all days, halls, blocks of lectures, lectures, authors, posters. Try our "demo event" programme here. Are you organizing a large conference and you have your own website? Then you can insert interactive program in your own website! How to do it is here.

done Domains

Do you have your own domain? When choosing a package (BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM), fill in the domain form field, then you may redirect the domain to our servers (instruction here) and the website will be under your own domain. And if you don't have your own domain? Web presentation of your event will be under as or

done DTP export

Are you going to print event programme as brochure? Many unforced errors appears when copying data into the software for DTP - this problem is completely eliminated with You can export the entire programme as one file in format for graphic designer and this file is imported into the software for DTP (Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress). You can just adjust fonts, colors, etc., and programme is ready for printing. You can find all instructions here.

Description of functions

done Social Networks

Connect your event to all social networks. Determine their order easily by drag and drop.

done Files for Download

Add any number of files for download, and specify ordering of these files simply by drag and drop.

done Important Links

Important links (eg. link to registration) on a clearly visible place with easy ordering.

done Main Menu

Fully editable main menu - ordering, colors, icons, descriptions of all items.

done News

Quick and easy management of news - the date, title, description, and its ordering.

done Organiser

Fill in all the details of the organizer or the secretariat of the event.

done Event partners

Insert logos of all your partners and links to their websites. Partners can be organized into groups according to their importance.

done Colors, photos, logos

Easy color scheme change of the whole website. Insert photo for background(eg. photo of the city, where your event takes place), upload main event photo, event logo and the website is ready for data upload. Everything can be changed anytime as needed.

done Securing data for the selected user group

Content of webpages can be protected by password, which will be known only to selected users.

Please visit instructions page here to learn how to change individual items.
Try our demo event and learn about all features, that offers.